Insanity Doesn’t Have to be Hereditary

Insanity doesn’t have to be hereditary,
You can just Roll Your Own,
And let the creative juices flow,

Hostility doesn’t have to be annoying.
Learn to mask it with subtlety,
You can get back at them with disguises,
Your repertoire needs to expand….

Redundancy doesn’t have to be repetitive.
One can repeat excellent technique,
Improving your skills as you go

Round and round we go
Sliding from achievement to regression
Back and Forth from Indecision to Uncertainty,
We Spin as long as we are not Bored

About Andy Polon

Long time professional guitarist. Currently a computer techie. I came of age in the 1960s. (Successfully avoided being drafted for the Vietnam War). Raised in a "left of center" cultural household. I was very lucky in that Manhattan was a true melting pot. Lost my use of my right hand and arm in late 2003, due to a TBI Still love singing and older songs.
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