letter to My Sister June 30, 2018

As to my physical issues the leg fusion has left me with days I cannot move, especially in the morning, After lying in bed for awhile, or even sitting down too long (my right calf muscle has so much tone  that I cannot straighten it),

Sorry to tell you what I have been through for the past year, since you asked me to not say anything that might upset you.

But here goes nothing:

Unfortunately, my right leg spasms so bad that I cannot walk at time, as the operation created a 1) fusing of my  achilles tendon became fused by Dr K Egol 2) other muscle spasms in the affected foot both in the arch and the muscles that curl my paralyzed toes (one would think that paralyzes  would mean lessing of feeling but in my case it means that my brain cannot control its movement).

3) there is major spasms of my right calf muscles which pulls me down to the floor (if I am lucky I balance all my weight on my unaffected leg  and try to maintain an upright position).

So today I am trying to cope with the extreme pain throughout my calf and the hamstring that runs near it..

I saw a top physical therapist  (Estelle Gallo) at RUSK about this right after the operation for a couple of sessions, she commented that she never saw anything like it, it was clear that she was stumped. Thus those session were useless.

Adele Gallo then had me write The Hospital for Joint diseases where the surgery was performed. They have a procedure for complaints . The determined that my falling was not due to the operation, but my own fault. And offered no suggestion, at all.

I guess I can sue, but what good would that do. Money will not solve this issue, and will not compel a large institution to actually accept responsibility to solve the mess their poor practice that is  the cause of my current  situation.

What can you do with large institutions like NYU and U of Pennsylvania — not much. They all close rank and defend themselves (I assume from possible lawsuits), not try to solve the issue.

I started to see the new head of RUSK Dr. Steven Flanagan about this, but he was just defending their physical therapist department, and had no helpful dialogue with myself. My assumption is like Dr. Egol he did not try to talk about my case with anyone else.

I also went back to Egol for my sixth month  checkup several months ago (it has been a year since my injury) . He distorted the pre op  consitation, since I was not given any other choice. In his opinion, I was . However I really recall the consultation and I am sure he did not discuss alternatives.

At this 6 month consultation I insisted that “he get off his ass” and refer me directly to someone, who could help with the ill effects of the fusion. He was not pleased. I did not use the language in this paragraph. He is actually a well meaning surgeon. Thus I am sure the resulting  spasm was an issue that he did not anticipated.

But just like Dr. Keenan he messed with an physical area which he did not fully understand, as most surgeon are knowledgeable about post stroke spasticity..

Well he referred me to a neurologist  Dr. Athena Lolis (athena.lolis@nyumc.org), who is based at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, where the surgery was performed.

She was also stumped. I met with her  twice. She referred me to another doctor within NYU system.

I gave up with this endless string of appointments with No clarity.

At this point the referral is packed up in one of the giant boxes in my apartment.

So right now I am home trying to wait for my leg to stop twitching.

Sorry to tell you all this, but I am close to the end of my rope and am tempted to score some smack or something like that to  shut my brain off.

Two night ago I met  Yvonne for dinner to celebrate her birthday, and after sitting at the restaurant table for a short bit, I tried to get up and walk to the bathroom, Well that did not go well, I fell but was able to grab a chair to break my fall. This has become my typical situation for this year. I have pretty much stopped socializing. Since I am so depressed by this situation.

Now when I ride the bus or subway, I just stand to keep weight on my leg to force it to remain straight.


Hi Marian,

Glad to hear from you, and that you are able to get out of the city. And that you are visiting friends.

My renovation has not started, Most of my belongings are packed up in large boxes by myself and someone I hired to for this w me.

So for the past few weeks I am living out of a few knapsacks, and such..

I obtained a sublet on my floor, however I cannot get my shower bench in their bathroom, as they have a very large cabinet that is attached to their sink. Also his  apt is filled with too much furniture, and it is a bit hazardous to walk around it with my right foot fused and sticking out as it is. 

The office here at Kips Bay Plaza yesterterday returned my two checks for the renovation fee of 300 and a 600 check for possible damaged to the walls.

The return was done with NO explanation or letter or not saying why they returned, I made out the two checks in their office thus I am shocked by this hostile act, and the office was close at midday thus I have received understanded  since I followed their procedure. 

I hope we can remain friends after you read all the above. really don’t mean to alienate you, but it seems that every attempt of mine to talk with you, ends up irritating you, so I have remained silent, as I guess you noticed.

Kate actually answered one of my text to her, as I made a pathetic attempt to get back in contact w her, and Angie.  I seem to not  be able to do anything right, in terms of your family, the Mogulescus.

Love (although I don’t know how to show it to you).



About Andy Polon

Long time professional guitarist. Currently a computer techie. I came of age in the 1960s. (Successfully avoided being drafted for the Vietnam War). Raised in a "left of center" cultural household. I was very lucky in that Manhattan was a true melting pot. Lost my use of my right hand and arm in late 2003, due to a TBI Still love singing and older songs.
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