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Long time professional guitarist. Currently a computer techie. I came of age in the 1960s. (Successfully avoided being drafted for the Vietnam War). Raised in a "left of center" cultural household. I was very lucky in that Manhattan was a true melting pot. Lost my use of my right hand and arm in late 2003, due to a TBI Still love singing and older songs.

letter to My Sister June 30, 2018

As to my physical issues the leg fusion has left me with days I cannot move, especially in the morning, After lying in bed for awhile, or even sitting down too long (my right calf muscle has so much tone  … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Fusing of my right ankle

February 21, 2018 I wish to make sure we agree on certain facts. The review department of Hospital for Joint Diseases has left me with no opportunity to review the mistakes that have lead to my continual pain and imbalance … Continue reading

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How can you resolve what is unresolvable? How can one accept life unfairness when it becomes so unfair that you lose what was your identity. If the twists of fate pervert your body so that you cannot play your axe? … Continue reading

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Marty Laster

I have been avoiding writing Marty’s obituary for  over a year now. It’s still hard to accept this fact, that he has passed away. At the end of his life he suffered through many health ailments, major ones that forced … Continue reading

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On the #6 IRT train in Manhattan going South

On the #6 IRT train in Manhattan Met a brunette  woman with a single strand of grey hair I love  grey  hair, now that I am close to  70 Years. A pair of Andrea Della Robia   earrings, listening to Bette Midler … Continue reading

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The unfairness of Low Interest Rates for saving accounts

There are many we we allow ourself to remain in captivity. “You have to in it, to win it,” is a classic example. It tries to apologize for national lotteries, instead of fostering a saving mentality, as a sign of … Continue reading

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Insanity Doesn’t Have to be Hereditary

Insanity doesn’t have to be hereditary, You can just Roll Your Own, And let the creative juices flow, Hostility doesn’t have to be annoying. Learn to mask it with subtlety, You can get back at them with disguises, Your repertoire … Continue reading

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